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.308 Palma Custom Built Rifle

Custom built for Art Cheney of Benton Kansas. Stolle Kodiak .308 Palma w/ Lothar Walther MW bbl., McMillian MBR, Nightforce 12x-42x-56MM, Jewell Trigger/bottom safety

100 yard Target.   Art writes “My custom gun is shooting great. I love this Lother Walther barrel. It shoots in the high 1’s to Mid 2’s at 100 yds, 1/2 MOA at 400yds. and 3/4MOA at 600yds.”

2 Responses to .308 Palma Custom Built Rifle

  • Very nice rifle and even better group. It is always cool to see tight groups, but when they take the entire bull out of the target its even better. Art has helped answer some of my questions while I am getting into the sport and led me to this site among others. He is a real embassador to the sport. Thanks!

  • Best I have seen.Thank you.Now how would I get started in the benchrest sport?

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