SGR Custom Rifles

Custom Built Rifles

Here are a few examples of the rifles we've built. 

Al's gun AL's Group.jpg (9684 bytes)

Custom Built for Al Nyhus, Sioux Falls S.D. Cartridge: .308 Winchester shortened up .165 (Named .30 STA), Remington 700 Action, Printed reciever, Sleeved bolt, Lilja 3groove barrel, McMillan Stock, Remington target trigger.


Todds groups.jpg (11267 bytes) Todds gun 2

Custom made for Todd Nyhus, Sioux Falls, S.D. Cartridge: .308 Winchester shortened up .165, Stolle action, Lilja 3 groove Barrel, Speedy Gonzoles stock, Jewell trigger.


Custom 25/06

Custom gun built for Donovan Dulski, Menahga, MN. Cartridge: 25/06, Remington 700 action, Printed receiver, Sleeved bolt, Shilen s/s barrel, Richards Microfit stock

Custom built Remington 700

Custom Rifle built for Shirley (Sam) Schmit of Snohomish, Washington. Remington 700 action, Printed and bolt sleeved (new for 2000 one piece sleeve on bolt ), Shilen select match barrel, Tight neck .243 Ackley Imp., H-S stock, painted pink metal flake., Jewell trigger, Tubb recoil lug.

Reminton 700 Custom Gun

Custom built for Hope Carlton Salvisa, Kentucky. Reminton 700, Shilen Barrel, .17 Rem. w/ .196 ND, H-S Precision Stock, LeuPold 4x14


Also shown is a 100 Yard Target shot with this rifle

Custom gun for Art Cheney

Custom built for Art Cheney of Benton Kansas. Stolle Kodiak .308 Palma w/ Lothar Walther MW bbl., McMillian MBR, Nightforce 12x-42x-56MM, Jewell Trigger/bottom safety

  Target shot with .308 Palma

100 yard Target. Art writes "My custom gun is shooting great. I love this Lother Walther barrel. It shoots in the high 1’s to Mid 2’s at 100 yds, 1/2 MOA at 400yds. and 3/4MOA at 600yds."