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Bad Bolt Setup and Repair

Bad Bolt Setup 1

We recently received this bolt fix. Because the bolt is such a good example of what the things you want to avoid. I put together this video. It’s a great example of what happens when the bolt is out of time or not in the correct position.

Bad Bolt set up 2

We encountered some more problems after machining the bolt handle off and installing the new Kiff bolt we found that the lugs were lapped at a angle and that we were loosing cam as we rotated the bolt. So, we decided to go back in and re-cut the integral lugs and true the bolt lugs.

Repair of Bolt Set up (Bad Bolt Setup 3)

Here we show you what was done to correct the bolt that was not installed correctly. The Kiff bolt (Pacific Precision) is a good system and laid out well. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to accurize his 700 Action.

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3 Responses to Bad Bolt Setup and Repair

  • First, thank you for taking the time & posting your series of videos, it makes it easier to appreciate what goes into truing an action and sheds light on what to look for when examing a rifle that’s had action work performed.

    Two questions I have regarding bolt timing: First how do you go about indexing the bolt to the receiver then the bolt handle to the bolt body so that it can be subsiquently removed & placed in your brazing jig? If this is a trade secret, I understand.

    Secondly, an issue I’ve seen in a friends Rem 700 rifle that was trued by a reputable smith, is that when the bolt is opened, the cocking piece doesn’t catch the sear at the point of full bolt rotation. The bolt has to be ever so slightly pulled rearward to engage the sear. I haven’t had the opportunity to examine his rifle after viewing your presentation on bolt timing. His rifle has a factory bolt and as far as I know it was trued with the action but I doubt the bolt was subsiquently timed. Could you shed some light on what would cause the sear engagment issue as described?

  • Hello, i´m a amateur gunsmith from Sweden and i think your videos are great and i thank you for them. I´m about to replace a bolt handle, got me a bolt handle from PTG. And i have the same question as Chuck, how do i index it before soldering it on the bolt body?


  • On the question of how to remove the bolt from the action and install in the jig ? I have made a special tool out of a needle nose vice grip. I ground off the teeth on the surface grinder and narrowed the nose to a minimum.Then with the bolt in the correct time I clamp in place and remove to the jig.
    On the bolt sear problem I would almost have to see what is going on. It could be many different issues.My guess is that something has been changed to cause this.


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